Monday, March 21, 2011

A chance at a new start :)

Hey guys!
well things have recently become crazy, health-wise and mentally wise. Sooo I am taking a 20 day break from school and going back to work tomorrow but I am not working very much. I have so much pain in my neck and back and I am pretty sad and have severe migraines. Thus I need to get things fixed.
1. Dr Visits and therapy
2. Clean house
3. Get into shape- my anxiety prevents me from seeing friends or family
4. Be better

I need so support and love!
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Monday, March 7, 2011

~Don't say you know me, when I don't even know myself.

Hey everyone,
well I was in the ER yesterday, Pneumonia . . . . . . . yay me. Its always one thing after another. Its another sad perk with me, I am a twin so my immune system has always been bad. Also with being an ed patient it damaged more of my immune system.  (the top pic is a drawing I made a long time ago, it was a self portrait)
you can see the turmoil in it. I still love it but i cant wait to redraw a self portrait.
On a good note I am down 4 pounds. My brothers and sister ran a 5k, I AM SO PROUD and jealous. Last summer i could of ran with them and been great. Now i cant even run a mile. Zac and I have a new goal before july, we want to get back in shape the healthy way. Now if only i can get better so I can start working out.
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